Air pollution

Hello  friends !!    I have  brought a very amazing information  for you .Today we discuss about the Environmental pollution and  it’s effects  on the human  being .So what is mean by   environmental   pollution.
large by products of mans action , through directly or indirectly effects of changes in energy patterns , radiation  levels , chemical and physical constitution and abundance of organisms  the changes may effects man directly or through his supplies of
bioproducts , physical objects or possessions or his opportunity for recreation and appreciation of nature.

Air pollutants

1.sulphur Oxide

1. sulphur oxides is colorless , nonflammable gas which  has an acrid taste at concentration less than 1 ppm of air and which has pungent, irritating odour at concentration about 3 ppm.

2. SO2 and H2SO4are both capable 
irritating    respiratory system of animal and men.

3.pathological lung change mortality in animals are much greater than levels encountered in urban atmospheres but the latter are capable of producing adverse health effects .

4 .  plants gas is absorbed after passing through stomata of leaves  is oxidized in tissues to  sulphuric acids or sulphate salts

5.so2  is involved in the erosion of many building materials like  limestone , marble , the slate used in roofing, , mortar and deterioration of statues.

2.Hydrogen sulphide

1.Hydrogen sulphide is colorless toxic gas having penetrating odour.

2 . It is decaying vegetation and animal material , especially in shallow aquatic and marine environments.

3. produced sulphur springs , volcanic discharge , coal pits and sewers.

4 . hydrogen sulphide results in leaf lesions , defoliation , reduced growth.

5.sulphurdioxides paralysis or destroy bronchial cilia in air passage of man, constricts bronchiae , damage lungs , and irritations of mucus membrance.

3.hydrogen fluorides

1.Active volcanoes  have natural sources of fluorides in atmosphere .

2. fluorides burns tip of leaves.

3. give rise to excessive dropping of bloom and fruits , development of small partially or completely seedless fruits .

4.premature formations of soft red flesh and splitings of peach.

4. Hydrogen chloride
1.It is  infrequently given out by accidental spills from chemical manufacturing plants .

2. It released from combination of coal , papers , plastic and chlorinated hydrocarbons , ignition of solid – fuel rocked engines.

3.hydrogen chloride reported for  glazing  leaves caused  collapse and plasmolysis of epidermal cells. High concentration give rise to nectrotic  lesions.


1.Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds having only carbon and hydrogen .it is colorless and odour less.

2.biological decomposition of organic matters , seepage from natural gas , oil- field and volatile emissions of plants  are the major cause of release of hydrocarbons such as methane , ethylene and aniline .

3. Fuel , motor vehicles exhaust ,  petroleum- refineries, motar fuel marketing , manufacture of explosive and cracking of natural gas in petrochemical plants , anthropogenic sources emits hydrocarbons .

4. man hydrocarbons causes irritations of mucous membrane .

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