Besan recipes

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Today we discuss about the two besan recipes besan laddu and besan halwa it is very simple and easy to make at home with amazing fragrance and rich taste .

Health benefits
It is a helps in lowering of cholesterol level.  also help in digestion .

Besan laddu

. 2cups chickpea flour (besan )

. 1 cup clarified better (ghee)

.1 cup white sugar  , or to taste

. 2tbsp finally chopped  pistachio  nut

.1tbsp finally chopped cashews.

.Stir the chickpea flour  and clarified butter together  in a saucepan over medium low heat
Until the mixture  smells toasty , about 10 minutes .set aside until  cool enough to handle.

.stir in the sugar , pistachios and cashews until  evenly mixed. From the mixture into Small balls the size of large cherries.Use some pressure  when forming the balls so they don’t come apart.

Besan halwa

.1cup milk

.1/2 water

.1/2 tbsp ground cardamoms

.3/4 cup ghee (clarified butter)

.1 cup chickpea flour ( besan)

.1cup sugar

.Bring the milk  and water to simmer in a suespan over  a medium low heat ,stir  the cardamoms into the mixture set aside.

.melt the ghee in the shallown skittle over medium heat .

.stir the chickpea flour into the melted ghee and cook until fragrant  about 10 minutes. add  sugar and stir to incorporate . slowlylowly pour  the milk mixture into the skitllet while a stirring avoid to lump .

. continue cooking and starring  until  the halwa pulls away from the side  of the pan , 10 to 15 minutes.

cut  into square and serve .

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