Mushroom recepies

Hello friends !!!  How   are  you ?? I know    you can feel better and good  . I have brought very delicious and healthy recepie for you .so guys
You know the mushrooms are   rich  , low calories of fibres.  it is very essential for our body. They also mitigate risk of developing serious health condition .such as hearts disease , cancer and  diabetes etc.
So , you  can see how to make tasty and  delicious mushrooms

Baked mushrooms


1. Flat mushrooms – 8.0 pc.

2.spring onions – 1.0.bunch

3. Garlic – 1.0 clove

4.fresh thyme  – 1.0 pc.

5. Teleggio cheese – 8.82 oz.

6. Bread  –  2.0 slice.

7. Fresh flat- leaf parsley   – 1.0 bunch.

8. Rocket  – 4.0 handful.

9.lemon juice -1.0 pc.

10. Virgin olive oil  – as required.


1. These mushroom  have a interesting  meaty textures gutsy flavour.
Best teleggio cheese and fresh hurbs, it’s a match made in heaven. Go on, tunk in!!

2. preheat oven to the 400 degree  f.

3. lay the mushroom  on a large baking tray and sprinkle with the onions , garlic , thyme.

4 . Top the mushroom with the slices  teleggio .toss together the breadcrumbs and the parsley sprinkle over the mushroom .

5. bake for 15 to 20 minutes in the preheat oven until  breadcrumbs brown and the mushroom are cooked through.

6.meanwhile, dress the rocket with the lemon juice and some olive oil.
Serve the mushroom with the dressed rocket!!

Keema mushrooms


1. butter – 1.0 tbsp.

2.onion diced  – 2.0 pc.

3.meat  – 15.87oz.

4.yeast extract – 4.0  tsp.

5.mushrooms cleaned and sliced –  8.82 oz.

6.Paprika – 1.0 tsp.

7.buillions cubes – 2.0 pc.

8.gravy granules – 2.0 tbsp.

9.water – 8.45 fl oz.


1.melt the butter over the medium heat  add the onions , and fry until the  soft.

2.stir in  the keema , cook until the browned.

3. Push all the meat and onions out to the side . Leaving  a pool of butter  in the center. Stir the Marmite into the butter, and mix until  well blended mix  with mince and onions.

4.stir in the paprika , and cubes .  The mixture  will start to become sticky and bind together.a dd  the grevy mix it will a sticky at first .just stir and bring to a simmer,
And it is a ready to serve!!!!!

Please make at home and also share and like the information.
Thank you!!!

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